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Through embedding advertisements into web pages, banner ads lure traffic to the advertiser’s website. Banner ads are one of the most mainstream and highest-yielding form of paid online advertising. By attracting potential customers to an advertiser’s website, the advertiser can achieve better customer engagement and more effective lead generation because customers are exposed to specifically designed landing pages with a larger quantity of information. Such an amount of relevant information wouldn’t otherwise fit in a single advertisement elsewhere.

Our is the #1 online resource for the country’s second most popular tourist destination, making it easy to conduct pinpoint targeting of specific audience groups. With 33,000+ pages indexed on Google and 180+ new pages and articles published monthly, our website generates 1,000,000 visitors per month with an average time spent on site of two minutes per user. Display ads on receive between 50-100k impressions each week, making it an amazing opportunity to promote your services to large, specific, and high-quality audiences.

Texas Media Group offers a variety of combinations of sizes and locations throughout our top performing websites. Some variations include:

  1. Dedicated Sidebar Banner Ad on All Articles of
  2. Rotating Sidebar Banner Ad on All Articles of
  3. Rotating Banner Ad on any Specific City Page
  4. Banner Ad inside sponsored article in perpetuity

Check out our 2019 Media Kit for package details and rates, or Contact Us to customize one just for you!

Want better results? Check out our Native Advertising service that you can use in conjunction with banner ads.