PPC/CPM Campaigns

PPC CPC Campaigns
PPC/CPM Campaigns
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PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and/or CPC (Cost-Per-Click) campaigns are a results-driven online advertising model. The advertiser pays the platform according to how many clicks are generated with specific advertisement placements. Clicks are a great tool to utilize when measuring the effectiveness of an advertisement, since they are an indispensable part of the process of online conversion. With PPC/CPC campaigns, you can make the most informed decision and truly set your best foot forward for your business.

A multitude of our popular social media pages has granted us over 2 million active and loyal fans, making over 5 million weekly brand impressions and over 10 million monthly engagements. Our top performing websites, on the other hand, averages 1 million visitors per month with two minutes per user spent on site. Our mailing list also yields an above industry standard Click-through-rate of 3%. Not to mention that all of these properties of ours are still growing exponentially.

Let us know your goals, and we will build a campaign that’s right for you! Contact Us to get started, or check out our 2019 Media Kit for more information! For other services, check out our Banner Advertising and Native Advertising services.