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Differing from most other traditional paid advertising, native advertising promotes an advertiser’s intent through specialized means of the platform, articles in our case. Rather than attempt a hard sell through a direct advertisement, native advertising garners soft sells through one of the most effective means possible—the power of story. By promoting your business or services in the form of a fun, engaging article, you’re sure to catch the attention of our loyal fanbase. Targeted audiences generally find themselves more willing to read an advertisement when it comes in the form of a soft sell article, rather than a more overt, unsolicited ad. A major advantage of native advertising is that it gives the advertiser a better chance to engage customers.

Our is dedicated to one of the most beautiful regions in the country, yielding us a loyal following from a large, high-quality audience. The fun, intriguing articles created by our team of talented writers here at Texas Media Group are much-loved by our audience. In addition, articles can be accompanied by blasts on our million-fan social media pages, ensuring maximum reach just for you.

Texas Media Group offers professionally-crafted custom articles for you, your business, services, or products on our top performing websites. Our skillful writers cover a wide variety of topics, including local news, places to eat, places to stay, things to do, history, nature, and lifestyle. Our articles are maintained by the top of the line CMS, which powers over 30% of the internet, and they remain on-site in perpetuity.

Check out our 2019 Media Kit for package details and rates, or Contact Us to customize one just for you! Want something to go along with native advertising for even more impressive results? Have a look at our Banner Ad service!